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26/09/06 One of these things

Watch this and be prepared to have a song in your head which you will most likely sing...well...forever

15/09/06 Zante wi' me Auntie

It wasn’t with my Auntie despite what the above says but it rhymes so I'm having it..... Ahhh Greece at the arse end of August when all the kids are about to bugger off back to school. What better way to say goodbye to the Summer than to plonk yourself by a pool and read countless books whilst burning your skin off for 10 hours of the day. This was the holiday of biographies for me. Three to be exact. The first was John Peel's brilliant half biography-half auto biography lovingly finished by his wife. The life story of a wonderfully humble, insecure and self effacing man who even at the time of his death still sincerely thought he wasn’t any good at his job or even that popular (!). Here was a man who openly recounted the details of being buggered by a school study monitor in a Shrewsbury toilet at the age of thirteen which such candour and humour (telling his wife aka The Pig years later, he figured she was more upset than him) without being strangely remorseful. An absolute gem of a book. My second biography was Vic Reeves' slightly off centre tales of childhood and teenage years ending with him heading down the A1 to the big smoke at the age of 20. His vivid childhood memories of marbles, egg theft, (not) getting laid, spacka wagons and pig bollocks is a must read for any bloke who grew up with only 3 to 4 channels on the TV and had to make do with his pushbike and imagination. The third was the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis' memoir, Scar Tissue. What starts off as an entertaining story of a less than ideal drug addled, star mingling childhood soon turns into a laborious I slept with this girl, did this drug, slept with this girl, did this drug cycle of monotony only to pick up once again around the release of Blood Sugar Sex Magic.

It wasn’t all work work work though. I took advantage of the daily boat trips round Zante. The trip stopped off at the "famous" shipwreck, (had it been closer to more hospitable land would have be moved and melted down for scrap a long time ago), was given the chance to swim with the famous Loggerhead "Caretta Caretta" Turtles (a.k.a. World Famous Ghost Turtles as I never saw once never mind swam with one), and eat traditional Greek Souvlaki and chips complete with 90% of the salt from the Aegean Sea. All of this to a brilliant Greek rendition of Axel F on the boat's 1.1 surround sound system. John Peel would have been proud.