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30-12-07 - Big in 08?

As a child of the Eighties, Late of the Pier strike a chord in me somewhere. Already making waves in the music press, the only way is up. If you like your music with more than a hint of Gary Numan, Human League, (insert synth driven pop here), and more recently Klaxons you should dig em;

The Zarcorp Demo album has been put online. Grab it and see what you think. Don't know about you but it makes me want to break out the Atari !

If all that is a bit too Electro Boy for you, you could do worse than check one of the member's "more dance" based side project, LA Priest. Do it. You've got sod all else to do for the next 10 minutes otherwise you wouldn't be here would you.

A mention should also go to Friendly Fires. Coming across like a Rapture influenced Hot Chip produced by DFA, I fully expect this to dent the UK collective headspace via radio, TV, interwebs early next year.

Not sure about the going to Paris bit though... Yes it's a lovely city but it's full of the French ; )

26-12-07 - Nothing says Christmas quite like...

...beating up five year olds.


Seasons Greetings !

22-12-07 - Saturday is Old School Saturday - Christmas Special

Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin' - 1980

15-12-07 - Saturday is Old School Saturday

Fat Boys - Stick 'Em - 1984

12-12-07 - Beastie Boys Radio & Machine Girl

Got nothing else to do tonight? Bored of the same old shit? Did you know the Beastie Boys are back doing their online radio show. Listen to it via the Little Radio website 21:00 - 23:00 GMT

It's for winners !

In other news, have you seen this?!? Tell me it doesn't look fucking aces!