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21-07-07 - Record Breaking Editorial Oversight

As a good friend just pointed out, it's a ridiculous thing to class as a world record in the first place...

...but a more vigilant editorial process wouldn't have gone amiss.

16-07-07 - Sometimes you come across a picture...

....that really makes you laugh.

See. Funny eh?

15-07-07 - Just in case you didn't know...

....the Japanese are mad.

Personally I think that is aces.

13-07-07 - It's all happening in Huddersfield

Yeah. It's tonight. You didn't forget did you? Well you have no excuse now.

Be there or.....be somewhere else.

10-07-07 - Farewell to a Fishman

If like me, give or take a few years away at higher education, you've spent pretty much all your life in Wakefield, you in time will have crossed paths with Smithy aka Supercockle aka Geoff the Fishman. Well, sad news is upon us. The fishy one has shuffled off this mortal coil. For years Geoff had trundled round Wakefield pubs and clubs in his Morris Minor selling Crabsticks, Prawn Cocktails, Peperamis, Cockles and Mussels to the drunken revellers who,after 5 or 6 pints, Geoff was a sight to behold. From having my parents manage pubs throughout Wakefield from 1980 until their Lupset swansong in 2006, Geoff has supplied me with many a late Kershaw's fishfood supper since I was a wee nipper. He was an absolute star, a lovely bloke and will be sorely missed.

R.I.P Fishman

01-07-07 - Whistle, Dead Diana, Diddy and Zelda

Have one listen to this and try not to whistle it all day;

It's been going round and round in my head since DJ Yoda dropped it (like it was hot (c) Snoop) in his Glasto set. I mean really driving me mad. Akin to chinese water torture. Great track though.

In other news. I managed to endure all of 10 minutes of the 6 hour Sunday spoiling Concert for Diana. Would Princess Diana really be fan of Kanye West and P Diddy had she still been alive? I didnt catch the performance of the two myself but Holy Moly's take on P Diddy's last verse had me in stitches!

"And finally says possibly the crassest thing ever spoken on a stage:
So beautiful, so graceful, so elegant.
Princess Diana, we’ll never forget you.
Take me to the bridge."

What a Cunt

Holy Moly on top form as usual. Brilliantly scathing !

Also, it's nice to see that Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been named the world's best video game in a poll by Edge magazine. A true landmark in gaming. You can see the full list in "Edge Present: The 100 Best Videogames" on sale now. However, seeing as it costs a scandalous 10 (!) pounds you might just want to flick through it whilst in WHSmiths. Or just nick it off your mate.