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Glastonbury Festival 2005

The weather was fantastic at this years Glastonbury festival. Well..... It was the day before....

Getting used to spending the next 4 nights with Dave "Monkey" Claughton.

Just look at the beautiful sunset the night before the chaos.

Sull looking a little worse for wear....

Nope. Thats not our tent. Thank christ !!! It's not too bad though, it's only a river of human waste they woke up in.

Welcome to Swamponbury 2005.

Mud Mud Mud.

My view of Elvis Costello. It's looks quiet cos everybody had gone off to watch a smackhead and his band....

Dave ditches his shoes.

Whisky and Coke kicks in.

The Doves.

Spot which one is Dave.

Chris gets a bit fed up with the mud.

Headwarmers only 20 quid. Who says Glasto has gotten too commercial.....

Captain Parsons or is that Harry Potter.

Fat drunk lady takes a drop.

The Killers entertain the masses.

"Ma? What are they givin' me?" Chris manages to get stuck behind the tallest man in Glasto.

Jack White of The White Stripes does his best Jimmy Hendrix impression. I dont mean the hat. I mean playing the guitar.

Hugo cheats in the wheelchair mud race.

The Other Stage on the 2nd morning. (which other Stage?)

Dave regrets bringing Flip Flops. Pure idiocy.

Bob Geldof and the Glastonbury Moment. Dave is off buying chips at this point.....

Keane wake everybody up. If you believe that you'll believe anything

Scissor Sisters' Animatronic joins New Order.

Coldplay. Sull is too hammered to be taking pictures at this point.

"Who lives in a house like this?"

Jamie Liddell. Check him out!

Mmmmmm. The long drop bogs !

Nutter climbs on tent whilst Mylo plays his mid-afternoon set.

Would you queue for these or just piss yourself? You Decide.

Primal Scream abuse everyone. You think they'll be asked back?

After a four night Glasto bender do you really need to be confronted with this?

Home time at Taunton.