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30-05-07 - John Johnson's Leaving Do, Sheffield

After 8 years to the day, JJ moves onto pastures new with Cisco so to celebrate we all went for some crazy noodles and plenty beer. Good luck fella !

Three Wise Monkeys.

Wheres Wally...erm...I mean Johnny?

The Kirkface laughing at the fact that the restaurant is tipping over.

What no mates lads?.

Just what is Steve doing under the table to make Kirk do that?

Estelle, Sull (looking like special needs), and Gordon wanting their foods.

Eat properly you gimp?

I think Paul has just been sick.

Sull and JJ doing Zoidberg.

Nigel is shocked at Dom punching himself.

Kirk and Mike looking happy.

Dee and Mike. Clarkie in the background. Charming as ever !

Dee shocked at Sull getting a round in.

Dee happy now Sull has finally gotten a drink in after 5 hours.

Rich (looking scared) and Katherine.

Dom and Andy. Andy is not doing shakey faces btw.

Chris and Dee.

Bloody hell guys. It's only a two seater !

Is it a bird, is it a plane.....

Phil and Chris going home at a sensible hour.

Sull looking all serious. It's not the fact he was too trollied to work out how to use a phone. Honest !

He will look after you.

Too. Much. To. Drink.

JJ is not happy at being woken up.