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20 Years at The Lupset comes to an end....

Mum and Dave (looking shocked) begin precedings.

Dave and Tom get cuddly.

Smile for the camera !

Sull bores Tom to death. Just how long is Dave's neck?!?!?!

Jo looking pissed despite not drinking..

"Get that Camera out my face"

My name is Sull and I'll tell you about the state of things.

FFS get a room.

Sull's Joker impression.

Mrs Whittaker.

Dad feels after 20 years running the place the least he could do is collect glasses for the first time.

Sue gets an eyefull ; )

Laughing at Sull's jokes.

Ordy is simply not tall enough

....but still too big to not be able to climb into his pint pot.

Is the glass half empty or is the glass half full?

Ma and Pa get rug cutting.

Pissed Again.