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Work (Quiz)Night Out, Sheffield

So, yeah, we held an interdepartmental quiz night. Seeing as my team were the winners of the first ever one we wanted to reclaim our trophy which was lost on the last one. On this occasion all the brainy people couldnt make it again. So we came 3rd or summat. Not too sure actually because I got drunk. As did the rest of the team. Aw well. There is always next time.....

The team get warmed up.

Katherine searchs for the answer....

Why does Kirk look like he wants to snog Sull?

Haute Cuisine

As you can see, Dave is really interested in the quiz night.

One too many already.

Dom looking like a turtle.

"Take a picture of summat else"

Dave loves beer so he does.

Has Phil got a bib on?

Look what happens when you think too hard.

Kirk busts some moves.

Dom in the hizzle.

K is not impressed by Kirks camera invasion.

Thats Mrs Winter that is.

The implementation lot on a rare night off.

Yes. No need to look again. Thats Wayne cutting rug. Well I think he is. He may have just slipped though.

Phil doing his Armani model pose.

What is Phil doing to make Rich pull that face?