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Reverend and the Makers, Leadmill, Sheffield

I didn't get chance to see them at the Escobar a few weeks ago so off I popped to a sold out Leadmill instead. They've come on leaps and bounds in the year since I saw them last. They blew the roof off the place.

Dom kicks off precedings with a turtle impression.

Dom and Rach get ready for a service by the Reverend.

The brothers Gill or should that be Grin?

After five or six times the photo eventually gets taken.

Looking happy before.....

....knocking Rach's drink out of her hand....

....and then feeling a bit daft. Her face says it all.

Smile. You're on camera.

Reverend makes an entrance.

I think Reverend is blaming the crowd for his headache.

Still got an headache?

Big Touch.

The delectable Laura.

Laura belting it out.

Hey good looking, looking good.

Reverend looking like The Hoff.

Love is.

Not asleep. A drunken fall. Nice to see Dan taking the time to take a picture rather than offer a helping hand.

Still taking photos. If thats not a sign of a good night then I dont know what is ! I blame it only having two and a half hours sleep the night before.