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28 - 30/06/06 - A few of us shoot some muthafuckin' clay and the head off to Riga for a knees up. All in aid of a scouser getting married.

Scouser holds up the nearest kwik save he could find.

K & T applaud the shooting skills .

Thats either a fly or Taz has dropped one. Yeah. He did.

Just like Return of the Jedi. But without Ewoks. And with Clays. In fact, nothing like Jedi. This was good. Kie was really good!

Super Super Sharp Shooter.

12 Blokes all in one room in a Latvia Hostel. It smelt lovely !

Pooley gets his face burnt off whilst Gee falls asleep after his first half pint of light ale.

Obligatory Group Shot No. 1.

Helo Mum.

Look at the cock on that !

As you can see on this side the church is brown.

Kie wakes up. Isn't Lesley lucky.

"Kaz ! Get off me foot!"

Sull looks terrified as Kaz tries to violate him.

As the smell in the Hostel is bad enough already, Gaz tries his best to not break wind.

The boat has left lads.

Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Just why is that called the Dome Church again?

The Gay Times audition goes well.

Obligatory Group Shot No. 2.

The lads pull a right pig.

"Get out your massive......Matties Here, Matties Here !!.

Who is that on the TV? Enemy No 1.

No one will own up to the chipolata.

Art Garfunkel makes an impromptu visit.

Kie doesnt have to try too hard to look like a genuine scouser.

Spy Kids.

Sull is a master at shove ha'penny.


The special-bus outing.

I have no idea.

So clean you can eat your food off it.

"Look Ma ! No hands" "Big deal. Get down you dick"

That is supposed to be breakfast........

Is that some ladies behind you?

Thought so.

Gaz catches some rays.

Brits abroad. Stand out a mile dont we.

Tom Cruise has let himself go.

What a beautiful parasol.

Majori Beach.

More Majori Beach.

"Dont Shoot"

  • "Arent all these picture of the beach boring"

    What a beautiful parasol. Again.

    Daz squeezes one out.

    What a beautiful.....erm.....tidal movement.

    "Burn Me ! Burn Me !"

    "Wanna buy a watch? Jewelry? Mink Coats?"